Location Of Countess House In Killarney

There is no doubt that the location of Countess House is one of the main factors that go into its favor and make it a frontrunner among its competitors. The reason being is that Countess House location is easily approachable from all parts of the town of Killarney.

The location of Countess House in Killarney offers very peaceful surroundings on the Countess Road. This location is only a few minutes away from the Killarney town center. In other words it would require you to rake a small walk, for arou8nd three minutes to reach Countess House from the city center.

The location of Countess House is also preferable because of the fact that Countess Road happens to be on the route to famous tourist’s destinations of Ring of Kerry, Muckross House, Killarney National Park & the Gap of Dunloe. Another advantage of the preferable location of Countess House in Killarney makes it a best choice to be chooses as a base for touring, sightseeing, golf or fishing on the Lakes of Killarney.

Among various good things regarding the location of Countess House, it is also a significant factor that most of the facilities like restaurants and bars where you will get the traditional Irish welcome are all situated just walking distance away from Countess House. You can reach here within three minute walk from the one of the most happening places of Killarney, the Killarney tourist center.

The Countess House location in Killarney is such that in its vicinity, you will easily find so many happening places to hang out on your own or within your group of friends. You will come across many eating joints nearby to enjoy traditional Irish cuisine, music and pubs that will double your joy of staying at one of the best places to stay, Countess House.

Apart from the preferable location of Countess House in Killarney, you will be getting to enjoy world class facilities here. Thus, we recommend you the Countess House which is located very near to downtown, Main Street and many eateries along the way for best experience.