Accommodation At Countess House In Killarney

The accommodation at Countess House, which is situated at a very preferable location in the town of Killarney, is quite good. The Countess House accommodation comprises of 16 bedrooms all ensuite which means that in every room there is a private washrooms attached to it.

The other features to know about the accommodation at Countess House in Killarney are such that all the rooms in the Countess House Bed & Breakfast have been tastefully decorated with comfortable bedding with neat and clean blankets and proper temperature maintaining mechanism.

The comfortable lodging at Countess House would result in getting you relaxed and peaceful sleep in the night because surroundings are quite good and there is no noise of any sorts. The carpets in the rooms are clean and you would also be supplied with well washed out towels in the bathrooms attached to the rooms.

The facilities available in the accommodation at Countess House consist of TV in each room along with tea and coffee machines in each room. The guest rooms in the Countess House property overlook the front garden which is full of colorful flowers of all types and thus presents a mesmerizing view of the natural beauty at Countess House. Apart from the rooms, the dining room is also very beautifully done place which is quite large and spacious to hold large number of guest at a time. You will get to feel at home like relaxed feeling while enjoying your tasty breakfast. You will be served breakfast in a welcoming and friendly manner. In addition to this the dishes served are in abundance and you would not be left feeling hungry.

Thus we see that with nice Countess House lodging facilities and other factors such as easily approachable location, Countess House Bed & Breakfast in Killarney Ireland is an ideal place to stay at.