Facilities At Countess House In Killarney

There are all sorts of facilities at Countess House available, which are required to make your stay a comfortable one. For those who don’t know much about what is Countess House, it is actually a well managed family run Bed & Breakfast property situated at a handsome location of Killarney town in the County Kerry of Ireland.

The list of available facilities at Countess House in Killarney includes first class accommodation facilities. Guests can opt for twin, double, triple or family rooms, according to their needs. The Countess House facilities includes attached washroom in every room along with TV and tea and coffee making machine in every room of the property. The other facilities available at Countess house are shower in washroom, central heating, hairdryers. Guests are also provided with free access to internet as a apart of the facilities available at Countess House. The dinning room is big enough to cater large groups. Other facilities at Countess House include private parking, bedrooms at ground floor, tours arrangements, Irish breakfast and buffet, swop book shelf, Tea and Coffee available in open and sunny garden view sitting room.

In addition to the facilities available at Countess House, there are some excellent facilities being available nearby to Countess House too. The Countess House facilities nearby includes angling and boating trips in the lake of Killarney nearby. The guests or tourists who arte interested in exploring nature can opt for hired bicycles and also go on country walks. There is a national park located nearby to the Countess House Bed & Breakfast along with other nearby Countess House Facilities such as horse riding, pubs to enjoy Irish music and dance, places for shopping, so many scenic walks, multi cuisine restaurants, tennis courts, water sports and so on.

Thus, we see that there are so many things to do while at Countess House. With so many facilities at Countess House in Killarney, you will enjoy your stay at Countess House.